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Services in Culpeper, VA

Services Culpeper, VA The Downtown Culpeper area is home to both the Town of Culpeper and Culpeper County governments along with the court system. A direct benefit of municipal neighbors is having numerous professional and service businesses centrally located in the historic district.

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We are here to help you. Culpeper Renaissance Inc. maintains a database of properties available for lease or for sale, startup information packets and other services customized for your needs.

The Town of Culpeper
Your contact for licensing and permit information is the Town Clerk, 400 S. Main St, Culpeper, (540) 829-8240. Forms are available online at www.culpeperva.gov under Publications

The County of Culpeper
Information on building occupancy and inspection permits required may be obtained through the Town & County Building Office at (540) 727-3405.