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Be A Culpeper Local

Be A Culpeper LocalKeep Dollars in Culpeper's Economy

Did you know that of the 5% Virginia State sales tax collected, (5 cents on the dollar), one cent is returned to the county in which it was collected? And approximately another penny is returned to that county's school system?

What does that mean to Culpeper?

This fiscal year, 2011-12, the County General Fund expects to receive $4,600,000, The Town Fund expects $975,000, and the School Fund expects $6,935,854. All these millions are from us spending our dollars in Culpeper County!

We would like to increase those millions by inviting every Culpeper resident to think about where they spend their money. Many of us commute out of Culpeper and tend to spend in other communities, perhaps for convenience or variety. But next time, think about the sales tax you are depositing in some other county's general fund and school system. It may be a little inconvenient, and you may not be able to find everything you need in Culpeper, but if each of our 22,000 households diverted $50 a week to Culpeper, we could potentially generate an extra $1,000,000. The Be A Culpeper Local web site intends to give you many reasons and incentives to shop here.

In addition to the return of a portion of Virginia sales tax, studies have shown that for every $100 spent in a locally owned business, $45 stays and circulates in the community. When you spend a dollar, consider the value of your choice, to yourself and to your community.

Appreciate Culpeper's Unique Shopping and Dining

Culpeper is a healthy mix of independent, locally owned businesses and national chain stores. The main shopping and dining opportunities are laid out in a simple pattern: North, Downtown and South making an easy trip from one site to another. The mix of services, shops and dining offer a wide variety of choices to our community.

Help Create Local Jobs

Studies show that local businesses create more jobs locally. Next time you stop for bread and milk, take a look at who's serving you; it could be your neighbor's son working behind that counter. The success of locally owned business provides real-life inspiration to our young people, proving they can stay in Culpeper and prosper on their own terms. Communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character are more likely to attract entrepreneurs and new investment.